IP Security in metal AM

Imagine that the work you put into new developments is exposed to outside parties because of carelessness on behalf of a colleague, or worse, it is given willingly because each individual has a different understanding of what is confidential. Intellectual property is an increasingly important topic not only in our IT infrastructure, but since the fusion of IT and manufacturing, it is also a challenge in AM.

Through our one day workshop, we go over with customers the different levels of information present in AM, what is important for customers to protect while still collaborating with outside organizations and persons. We ask questions such as:

What actions does your organization take to protect your IP from ISO auditors, service technicians and external suppliers?”

We challenge these assumptions and provide feedback and procedures to avoid client core IP from being given away to third parties.


Additionally, we focus on these major aspects of AM IP:

  • What is critical IP versus industry-specific common knowledge in AM?
  • How to secure developed process parameters, procedures, and material specifications?
  • How to outsource operations to external organizations without risking losing IP?
  • How to approach data protection from practical use cases, including patents?

Target group: Companies developing their own AM-related IP or outsourcing operations to external suppliers, companies manufacturing AM components

Format: 1-2 days, 75% theory, 25% workshops

With over 100 projects with OEMs, tier-1 suppliers and SMEs in Europe and North America completed, Magnitude has the experience to support clients in their production needs as well as understanding what their customers require in AM.

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