material process parameters

To provide a competitive advantage to our clients and ensure high-quality parts, Magnitude provides clients with material process parameters (MPPs) that support customers in a way that traditional AM stakeholders cannot; by providing all of the information necessary to operate a material independent of machine and powder suppliers including the specifications for the powder, machine, and laser process parameters.

By training our customers, we believe that we empower them to apply their resources in utilizing the technology to the fullest. To go even further, we provide customers with a training and continuous application-specific support on the parameters that they have received from us. A description of what clients receive when they purchase our MPPs is provided below.

Available material packages:

Material Layer thickness EOS M280® EOS M290®
Inconel 718
50 μm
Inconel 625
50 μm
Tooling steel Corrax®
50 μm
Stainless steel 316L
40 μm & 50 μm
Stainless steel 17-4PH
40 μm
Aluminum A357
30 μm

Other materials in development, contact us for a full list of what’s coming!

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