R&D Fundamentals

Whether it is cost cutting, finding alternative material suppliers, gaining a better understanding of the process, developing new parameters or unique solutions within AM, clients need to constantly search for unique technical solutions and value propositions. Prior to the start of development or testing of hypotheses, it is important to establish a framework for data collection and process understanding. In this seminar, we teach clients about the AM process with regards to their operations, focusing on equipment required for testing and analysis, controlling for variations in process setup, data analysis in AM, interpretation of results, tracking critical to quality (CTQs) variables in R&D for various alloy classes and specific materials, and finally a development process to be followed for new materials.

Target group: Process, Quality, Production or Application Engineers

Format: 5-20 days (dependent on scope), 50% theory, 50% workshops

For us, materials are never perfect - in qualification for the aerospace and energy sectors, we look for specific process, powder, machine and material flaws in order to understand the true limitations for production. We can teach you to do the same in your organization, as well as how to mitigate these challenges.

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