With Uptimo, we have developed a software that increases the profitability of your metal Additive production. This one-of-a-kind software analyzes production data and provides instant feedback on Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems and operations through predictive performance analytics.

Uptimo contains analysis algorithms tailored for the AM industry, which evaluate the planning and performance of machines to reveal where time and machine capacity are underutilized. This application helps manufacturers make decisions on what production bottlenecks to focus on, such as machine planning, build layout and parameter optimization. By focusing on eliminating these wastes, it is possible to achieve an optimized utilization of existing systems and save manufacturers investment costs on additional equipment.

With over 100 projects with OEMs, tier-1 suppliers and SMEs in Europe and North America completed, Magnitude has the experience to support clients in their production needs as well as understanding what their customers require in AM.

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