Seminars / SLM technology assessment (gap analysis)

Magnitude has created a comprehensive assessment that provides clients feedback within ten dimensions of their organization to improve their service offering, gain a competitive advantage and grow their AM business. The results are delivered at the end of the engagement to the client in the form of an extensive report with concrete action steps. A brief overview of the assessment dimensions is given below.

Additive Manufacturing:

  • Data handling - analysis of the data flow and job preparation
  • Powder Control - review of powders and best practices to maximize powder performance
  • AM volume production - overview of job preparation and machine servicing procedures

Supporting Topics:

  • Post-processing - understanding the influence of heat treatment, milling, and polishing steps on final part properties
  • Quality - quality assurance of the AM process and integration of the quality management system 
  • Research & Development - analysis of R&D targets and missing procedures and hardware for meeting them
  • Outsourcing - procedures for outsourcing operations and how to ensure quality work at suppliers


  • Marketing - feedback on brand touchpoints and how to differentiate your offering in AM.
  • Sales - how to integrate the sales organization within the technical organization and streamline the communication between them.
  • Strategy - feedback on how to more effectively execute the AM company strategy.

With over 100 projects with OEMs, tier-1 suppliers and SMEs in Europe and North America completed, Magnitude has the experience to support clients in their production needs as well as understanding what their customers require in AM.


Going from prototyping to manufacturing

Assessment identifying the quality gates that must be introduced for a production environment, as well as the differences in data preparation, post-processing and quality pitfalls that clients most frequently experience as they transition from making prototypes to low- or medium-volume production.

Aerospace Production environment (i.e. highly regulated industry)

Aerospace is the least forgiving and highest regulated industry in AM. Through our experience working with OEMs in Europe and North America, we review client operations to support them in their qualification efforts and quality as it pertains to critical parts.

Industry Production Environment

According to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are important to our client, we sit down to review their operations and procedures in AM. This way, the client can focus on his business and we translate their traditional requirements for AM.
Cost cutting in AM

Clients have a range of options to reduce costs in an AM environment. With this gap assessment, we sit down in a combination of workshop and production review in order to discuss the most effective ways to reduce costs in the production environment while minimizing the risk for our clients.

Readiness for R&D

Clients build on their value proposition by developing new technical solutions in AM. Magnitude reviews all of the practices in order to help customers avoid pitfalls that lead to poor quality and inaccurate results in their new development projects within AM, significantly reducing R&D times and costs.

Tooling Production Environment

Based on our tooling experience, we support customers to give feedback on the best practices, quality and production processes that they have in-house for their AM tooling operations.
Lean Production Environment

With our Lean production expert, the assessment focuses on identifying ways to streamline the production process, understand the value stream from a lean perspective and apply these lessons through specific means to the AM environment.

Supplier Audit

Many clients choose not to have their own equipment in-house or they outsource certain AM production outside of their organization. Magnitude support clients by auditing their suppliers to support their inter-organizational projects in AM and avoid quality, time or cost delays.

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